Social Media Marketing

A simple and affordable way for building a brand following and boosting sales for your business, through various social media platforms.

Social media marketing is an extremely unique form of marketing, with many benefits, some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Spread brand awarness
  • Improve brand reputation
  • Acquire new leads
  • Sales Convertions
  • Create/improve brand following
  • Easy way to communicate with customers in real time
  • More cost effective Ads

Building a successful representation for your business on social media is not easy, it comes from a combination of good content, relevant growth strategies & consistency. it is free to post on social media but it is very difficult to see good results if any of the three aspects previously mentioned are not executed properly.

Our engagement services include

Establish professional social media pages

The first and most important step to marketing on social media is choosing the right platform to grow on. We have hours of marketing research to insure that when we advertise and share content on social media, the right demographic are seeing it.

Actively grow social media following

There is no point in sharing content if there is nobody seeing it, or further more the wrong people seeing it. If you do not have an loyal and valuable following, social media will not be getting you effective results. We will build you an effective organic following for your business, to insure high engagement on all content shared about your business.

Relevant and professional content creation

We have a lot of pride in our skill at either creating or retreating relevant content for our clients. This is the most fundamental part of getting results on social media.

Full management of social media profiles

Constructing and maintaining a successful and professional presence on social media is extremely time consuming, this is the #1 reason having a social media specialist handling your accounts is so important. With our services you won’t have to even look at your social media, leave that to us.

Manage all customer interactions (questions, reviews, etc)

Social Media is not just for advertising, its a completely free opportunity to connect with your customers, you can hear feedback and fix issues before they make your business look bad. There is nothing worse for your business then a bad review online and we know exactly how to deal with and disarm an angry customer to prevent that from ever happening.

Track Our Progress

The ability to track results is one of the many reasons social media marketing is the best way to get results for your buisness, we fully take pride when we show the results our work is getting our clients.

Platforms we advertise on


With over 2 billion users Facebook is the most important social network. It's the best platform to reach you'r potential customers no matter what you'r business. Facebook advertising has the #1 most effective targeting system and 72% of Facebook users are adults so it gives you a higher rate of sharing content to the right audience.


Instagram has over a billion monthly active users and holds the #1 spot for User engagement.  That means that the content shared on Instagram has the highest chance of inspiring customer interaction, which could lead to profitable sales conversions.


Along with the other networks, its a great place to market your business but Twitter is also a communication tool, You can send short messages out to all you'r followers that goes instantly to there time line, content can still be shared but, twitter is the best way to share sales promotion and upcoming news about your business.

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